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Create your workout calendar with iKeepActive! Sync to your Mac’s calendar which can then sync to your music player, phone or tablet*. iKeepActive is an integrated activity scheduling system which also interactively counts Calories. Not only does it help create your activity schedule but its primary focus is to make sure you do them by displaying reminders and follow-ups. You can also use it to log your diet, analyze your progress and visualize your results.

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New Site

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The iKeepActive website is now powered by WordPress, the blogging engine. The front page of the site now contains the iKeepActive blog.

This blog is about updates for iKeepActive. You can find development status, upcoming discounts or anything related to fitness scheduling. For quick format, follow @iKeepActive on twitter.

You may still access content from the original site using the links in the menu bar up top.

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iKeepActive Lite

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For those who aren’t too keen on Calorie counting, or simply don’t trust software to help you do it, iKeepActive’s activity scheduling is available without all that. iKeepActive Lite helps you schedule your workouts and activities. Use it to create your schedule, sync it to your calendar, get reminders and track your progress.

The Lite version of iKeepActive does not include diet tracking, nor counting of Calories expended. Just a simple application focusing on keeping you active.

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