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For all issues/concerns not answered in the FAQ below, nor in the in-app help, email admin@ikeepactive.com and include your hardware info and version of Mac OSX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get iKeepActive? ^top
It is available in the Mac App Store.

I want to schedule my activity to repeat only on certain days of the week. ^top
For compatibility iKeepActive’s activity recurrence scheduling is the same as iCal, where you can pick a start date and repeat every N days/weeks/months where N is a number you choose, i.e. every second day. So if you want to do push-ups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you will add it to your schedule once for each of those days and set the recurrence to once a week.

I cannot find my activity or exercise in the list of available activities. ^top
If we don’t have what you’re looking for, iKeepActive allows you to add and edit the available activities in detail. Go to Activities > Edit Available Activities from the main menu. There will also be downloadable content in the future.

Why do some of my scheduled activities show N/A for the number of calories burned? ^top
The particular activity you have scheduled doesn’t have a defined formula for how it burns calories. You can however, edit the activity information and add or adjust the formula. Go to Activities > Edit Available Activities from the main menu and click on the Advanced button. Once a formula is added, the calories burned field will be updated.

How accurate is the displayed calories burned for each scheduled activity? ^top
This amount shown is just an estimate. While every person’s body is so unique and the application cannot track the details of your exact method of performing the activities, the formula iKeepActive uses is able factor in the amount of the activity, your body weight, weights used, and pace of the activity. Some activities may have more factors than others. As also mentioned in the previous question you may also adjust the formula to meet your needs.

Why do all the weightlifting exercises have the same formula for calories burned? ^top
The default formula provided uses a very simple physics calculation to determine how much energy it takes to move a given amount of weight depending on your own weight. In reality, you would burn more calories since the human body isn’t all that efficient when it comes to moving weight. Another thing to note is that after anaerobic exercises you intake much more oxygen than regular, and also use calories to rebuild muscle tissue. A formula to calculate all that would be too complex for a simple user-friendly computer program, and too unique for every individual.

Why do I have to count my own calories for each meal? ^top
While iKeepActive will add them up for you, it doesn’t attempt to count calorie intake for each meal. There are databases out there which can help you do this but even with the massive amount of data, every meal is prepared differently with varying quality of ingredients so any predetermined number of calories would not be as accurate as counting the calories yourself.

Is iKeepActive available for the iOS or other mobile device platform? ^top
Currently there are no plans for iKeepActive outside of OSX, but you can easily sync your iKeepActive activity/workout calendar to your mobile device. You will have access to yout schedule on the go, as well as getting reminders when it is time to do them.

Does iKeepActive have multiuser support? ^top
Multiple users is supported by having one iKeepActive user per login on your Mac computer. This is because each user login has their own calendar and mobile device sync settings which should be independent from other users.

2 Responses

  1. Sharon Samsel

    When I sign in there is a small box with some exercise that has been done and no way to get rid of it. If I move the box it asks me once again to agree to the conditions which I do and then the whole program closes. What’s wrong?