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iKeepActive Lite 1.1.0 Released

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This new free upgrade (for existing users) implements Apple’s new Sandbox security model, and in turn has many changes to calendar synching. Improvements in this area and other areas have been made along the way:

– Implemented with OSX Lion Sandbox for better protection against malware. (Snow Leopard compatible)
– In accordance to the Sandbox, calendar synching is now completely done through CalendarStore API calls instead of CalendarStore and Applescript.
– Adding activities to the schedule will now automatically add it in the system calendar; no Synching is required.
– The Sync button has been repurposed to re-Sync and update the system calendar, in the case of asymmetry due to errors or willful calendar deletion.
– A complete sync to the calendar is now much faster than before.
– All OSX Lion users will have to quit (if currently running) and restart iCal for any calendar changes to take effect.
– Cancelling after editing a scheduled activity will no longer notify the user of an update required.
– Scheduling an activity which has its units in minutes will now show its entire duration in your system calendar. All other activity unit types (lbs., miles, etc.) will only show the start time.
– When history items are added in the history view, they are now automatically arranged.
– Rearranged columns and added colour coding on the status of items in the History view.
– Updated the documentation with regards to synching.

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